About Us

Welcome to Weston Markets, your number one newest, latest and greatest resource for all things related to emergency preparedness. Founded in 2018, our mission is straightforward: to help you prepare for an unexpected disaster, whether natural or man-made. It sounds simple enough, but sifting through the countless online resources and stores can easily leave you overwhelmed and confused. Many online stores offer hundreds or even thousands of products, and so many products contribute to the confusion.

We like to think of Weston Markets as more of a boutique, rather than just another store. Our inventory is comparatively small, but each product has been handpicked for our store and to meet the needs of our clients. While we welcome everyone to our website, we cater primarily to those of you who are just now taking the first steps to purchase some emergency supplies. We are dedicated to simplifying the process of choosing the right supplies to meet the particular needs of you and your loved ones. 

A News and Resources page is currently under development. The purpose of the page is to be the only source you will need (a one-stop shop, if you will) to learn about emergency preparedness. It will contain information gathered from various government agencies and experts that will assist you in determining what supplies you will need and also help you create a personalized emergency preparedness plan.

Let Weston Markets help you prepare now, so you can provide for and protect your loved ones in the event of a disaster.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.