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Having a solid supply of long term shelf life foods will provide peace of mind in knowing that you have meals put away in case of an emergency. Most long term shelf life foods are lightweight, quick and easy to prepare, and a great “grab and go” emergency-ready food.

The shelf life of these foods can vary, but generally they are good up to 5, 7, or 25 years.

High calorie food bars do not require any preparation and have a shelf life of 5 years.

Freeze dried meals are super easy to prepare. Just add hot water and most meals are ready to eat in minutes! Most freeze dried meals that include meat have a shelf life of 7 years. Freeze dried meals which have a shelf life of 25 years do not include meat. Instead, these meals include a textured vegetable protein in place of actual meat.

Freeze dried foods are also perfect to take on your next camping or outdoor adventure! Choose the Camping category to view products that include meat. Choose the Emergency category to view products that do not include meat.

Regardless of which type of long term shelf life food you choose, they are ideal for rounding out an emergency kit or bug out bag.

For your consideration: Most people in their everyday lives eat more than the designated portion size indicated on product nutritional labels. Please take into consideration the size of your typical meals and the personal dietary needs of you and your family. Order quantities accordingly.