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Check out these great solar products!

  • The Solight Design Twilight solar lantern was created to be small, light and compact and comes with four light settings: bright white, low white, red, and a red SOS mode. Perfect for camping, hiking, trips to the beach, emergency kits and a must have for every car. The Twilight makes a great night light and bike light, is a perfect lantern to use in a tent, and essentially renders flashlights obsolete. The light is diffused through a beautifully unique mesh EVA material. Requires no batteries or electricity, recharges via direct sunlight and once fully charged, can be stored for up to 2 years. In addition, these are perfect to have around the house for outdoor evening entertaining with family and friends. Place a few on your deck, patio, porch, or around the pool for convenient lighting. Or go big time! Just imagine how gorgeous it would be to have several rows of these lights strung above your deck or patio for elegant, yet easy ambient lighting!  
  • The SunSoaker 10W kit is a 10 Watt, flexible, rollable, durable, lightweight portable solar panel with built in custom USB port for charging your personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, power packs, Bluetooth speakers, and other USB devices. The kit comes complete with 4 carabiners and 4 suction cups. Our zero waste packaging allows you to conveniently transport your SunSoaker 10W, while ensuring its contents remain together. Make the outdoors electric by converting natural sunlight into energy with the ultra light and extremely durable SunSoaker 10W, and never be caught with a tapped out battery again! The SunSoaker 10W is a great companion for the Volpower 15,600mah Multi-functional Power Bank.  
  • The SunSoaker 10W kit and Volpower 15,600mah Multi-functional Power Bank are like a match made in heaven. These are both great high quality products on their own, but use them together to optimize efficiency of each and maximize the charging capabilities of your tech devices. Primary benefits of owning both the solar charger and power bank:
    • Freedom: By using the SunSoaker 10W Solar Charger to charge the power bank instead of your phone, you are free to take your phone with you as you go about your daily activities. At the end of the day when you are back home or return to your campsite, you can then charge your phone (or other device) using the power bank.
    • Convenience and More Efficient Charging: This applies only to Apple products: The iPhone and iPad are designed in such a way that requires you to unplug and reconnect your USB cord to the device each time the charging connection is interrupted. Interruptions can be caused by clouds briefly passing in front of the sun, shaded panels or weak sunlight. The Volpower Power Bank is designed with Pass Through technology. This means that the power bank can be safely connected to the solar charger and your Apple device at the same time. Using the Volpower Power Bank in this way eliminates the hassle of unplugging and reconnecting your USB cord to your Apple device each time the charging connection is interrupted!
    • Laptops: The SunSoaker 10W Solar Charger does not provide enough power to charge a laptop, however the Volpower Power Bank can. You can charge the power bank during the day using the solar charger and recharge your laptop later using the power bank. Or you can take advantage of the power bank's Pass Through technology. Simply connect both the solar charger and laptop to the power bank. This allows you to use your laptop while the solar charger recharges the power bank!
    • Flexibility: Sometimes the weather is uncooperative and as a result the SunSoaker 10W Solar Charger  is unable to generate a charge. The Volpower Power Bank can hold a whopping 15,600mah of power.  On bad weather days, simply take this power bank with you and you will never have to worry about your tech devices running out of juice before days end!
      See below for specifications for the SunSoaker 10W Solar Charger and Volpower 15,600mah Power Bank.